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Heyyyy, I'm Ellen

  I am not one of those PTs who "always had a passion for health and fitness".
I actually spent many of my formative years as an insecure, chubby girl who thought she'd never look as good as the other girls.  In fact, when I was 17 I told myself I was too fat to do a Sports Science degree in college; a degree which I thought was bound to make me know how to be healthy, fit and thin.  Instead, I got a degree in Marketing, made amazing friends, got a job with a massive brand in Dublin, decided the corporate life was not for me and U-turned back to the Fitness Industry by becoming a Personal Trainer.

You know what's gas though?  When I look back at pictures of my 17 year old self I GASP at how slim she actually was in her sparkly purple debs dress and oh-so-orange fake tan.

Why am I telling you this?
I'm telling you this because it's too often that we say to ourselves "I'll be happy when I'm a size 10" or "I'll be happy when I'm 9 stone" and then proceed on these feckin mad diet plans / pills / teas / cardio sessions that we hate, trusting that putting ourselves through such torture will somehow make us feel good about ourselves. Then we slip up; due to the unrealistic expectations we've plucked out of our arses (or worse, from a photoshopped Insta pic eeek!); and queue the binge eating, the negative self-talk and the quest for a shiny new miracle diet which promises the sun, moon and stars.

I've done it for years.  My sisters have done it for years.  My amazing Mam has done it for years.  My friends and PT clients have done it for years.

===== And it has to stop!!! ==== .

That is why I've made it my mission to change how we see Health and Fitness in Ireland by focusing on
Lifts, Laughs, Self-Love and Lifestyle first; knowing that once you love how you feel, you'll love how you look (not the other way around!)

I strongly believe in having hobbies, down-time and social connection outside of work (aka Craic agus Ceol). For me, powerlifting and Pole Dance are two things I’m incredibly passionate about. Outside of fitness, I love quality time with friends and family, big energetic dogs, coffee walks, GAA, shopping, gin in fancy glasses, pizza and donuts. I am a firm believer that Total Health allows us to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy personal life, the trick is finding that Sweet Spot! It's different for everyone but I'm confident I can help you find it!

I look forward to getting to know your journey to date & seeing what you are about to accomplish in your life.

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Sweat Sesh

Why do you want a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach? The exact reason is different for everybody but the underlying theme is the same: You want to change something about yourself.

And it's not always the waistline... although that's usually what we want on the surface.

Actually, when we dig a little deeper we are all searching for the Sweet Spot; that magical state of feeling strong, fit, confident and connected without sacrificing all of the Craic agus Ceol life has to offer.

It seems to me that as we grow up, we prioritise things like career, education, family commitments and indulgent weekends at the expense of your own health and so the only thing getting stronger & fitter over time is that negative inner voice reminding us of the shirt that used to fit or the bikini we would love to (but couldn't possibly) parade around the beach in.

Something my clients will say is that they don’t have time… time to cook, time to exercise, time to meditate etc.

And while this can seem very true on the surface, what this really says is your self-care has fallen wayyyy down on your priority list.
# Non-paid overtime stops you from getting a second gym session in.
# Boozy weekends stop you from making meals (hello takeaways).
# Late night scrolling equates to poor sleep.
# Social Media comparisons lead us to negative body image and emotional eating loops.

If you're seeing yourself in these scenarios, fear not! This was me too but not anymore!
And when you decide to work with me, I'll give you the tools to get stronger, more confident, happier, healthier and more connected than you have been in years.

Here are my commitments to you:
1. I will listen to your goals and explore what it is you really really want.  The clearer the vision; the easier the journey.
2. I will help you get rid of Diet Cultre B.S with "back to basics" nutritional guidance and education.
3. I will make you Strong no matter what age you are  - like seriously strong.
4. I will help you find Total Health by ensuring we take Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social factors into account.
5. I will ensure that our sessions are filled with plenty of Craic agus Ceol because exercise you enjoy is exercise you will sustain.

YES!! Get Me Started