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Hey, I'm Ellen

  I am a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer... but not one of those who "always had a passion for health and fitness". No No!
For most of my life, I was insecure with extremely poor body image. In fact, when I was 17 I told myself I was too fat to do a Sports Science degree in college!  Instead, I got a degree in Marketing, made amazing friends, got a job with a massive brand in Dublin, decided the corporate life was not for me and U-turned back to the Fitness Industry by becoming a Personal Trainer, and later a Nutritionist.

For many years, no matter what else I had accomplished in life, Being Thin Enough always seemed out of reach; despite my many attempts at dieting. I believed that thinness equated to body satisfaction and confidence - two things I had always wanted. In truth, I had an obsession which was ultimately causing me harm - no matter how much chicken and broccoli I ate!

My story is similar to many others who fell for the allure of fast, transformative diets and who ultimately never saw success. We tend to get stuck in narratives such as "I'll be happy when I'm a size X or when I weigh X amount". We drive ourselves mad by comparing our results to people we know or people we see in the media. We even get anxious at the thoughts of not being on a diet! Yet, it never occurs to us that there are other ways of feeling strong, fit, healthy and confident which don't depend on restrictive eating and exercising for the sole purpose of "earning our calories".

It is now my philosophy that Total Health allows us to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy personal life. The trick is finding that Sweet Spot! It's different for everyone but I'm confident I can help you find it!

A healthy body is physically strong, fit and mobile. A healthy mind is peaceful, positive and balanced. A healthy personal life involves having hobbies, down-time and social connection outside of work (in Irish: Craic agus Ceol). For me, powerlifting and Pole Dance are two things I’m incredibly passionate about. Outside of fitness, I love quality time with friends and family, big energetic dogs, coffee walks, GAA, shopping, gin in fancy glasses, pizza and donuts.

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About You

Sweat Sesh

Why do you want a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach?
The exact reason is different for everybody but the underlying theme is the same: You want to change something.

And it's not always the waistline... although that's usually what we want on the surface.

Actually, when we dig a little deeper we are all searching for the Sweet Spot; that magical state of feeling strong, fit, confident and connected without sacrificing all of the Craic agus Ceol life has to offer.

If you employ me as your Nutrition and Exercise Coach, I will:

1. Listen to your goals and explore what it is you really really want.  The clearer the vision; the easier the journey.
2. Help you get rid of Diet Cultre B.S with "back to basics" nutritional guidance.
3. Enable you to build Strength no matter what age you are.
4. Find Total Health by ensuring we take Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social factors into account.
5. Ensure our sessions are filled with plenty of Craic agus Ceol because food & exercise you enjoy is food & exercise you will sustain.

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