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Am I describing you?
Well then hey, I'm Ellen. I can help you achieve your Health & Fitness goals.

The barbELLE Mission

To build an energetic and upbeat community who live in pursuit of "The Sweet Spot";
that magical state of feeling strong, fit, confident and connected
without sacrificing all of the "Craic agus Ceol" life has to offer.

We rebel against the nonsense of living life on miserable diets,
being hyper-focused on Social Media "Before & After" pics
and judging our self-worth by our appearance.

We aim to revolutionise the Irish approach to Health, Nutrition and Fitness
by focusing on Lifts, Laughs, Self-Love and Lifestyle
and letting go of the illusionary "Perfect Looking Body".

Lift Laugh Love

Coach's Approach

My Coaching Philosophy

Hey, I'm Ellen; I am qualified as both a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Making a decision to work with a coach can be daunting - especially if this isn't your first time trying to achieve your Health / Fitness goal.

When you work with me you can expect a zero-judgement, friendly, supportive atmosphere. Together, we will build a progress plan which challenges you just enough without being overwhelming or unrealistic.

The biggest difference you will find is that I never see failure; only obstacles and learning opportunities that make our progress plan stronger over time.

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